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STIR/SHAKEN, and…Now What?!

You may not have control over the FCC and caller compliance regulations, but Numeracle’s Molly Weis shows how you can be proactive.

July 11, 2023
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Reputation Management Webinar
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July 11, 2023

In Commio’s last Industry Briefing, we discussed how many people think STIR/SHAKEN and attestation are supposed to eliminate scam calls, but turns out it’s just one piece of a larger puzzle (and growing!). And, while the FCC’s focus is on reducing illegal calls, legitimate businesses are paying the price with their calls blocked due to analytics or mislabeled as spam—resulting in fewer pickups, less than optimal customer experiences, and ultimately a hit to the bottom line.

This month Commio is pleased to welcome back “Telecom Wise Guy” Molly Weis, Numeracle Marketing VP, who will answer your questions around mislabeled calls and outline your options to ensure correct caller identity display. Specifically:

  • What do all the labels mean (Scam! Spam Likely! Potential Spam! Fraud!), and how are they determined?
  • My STIR/SHAKEN attestation is “A”—why am I being mislabeled?!
  • How do I appeal a spam label?
  • How can I even tell if I’m being mislabeled or blocked, or how often it’s happening?
  • I’ve been hearing the phrase “Know your customer” around call verification; what does it mean and how does it work?
  • I buy new numbers and they’re already labeled spam, so I replace them with more new numbers—same problem. Surely there’s a better way!
  • What would it take to attach our company name to our calls? Would that help?

If your calls are being labeled spam or potentially even being blocked—or maybe you’ve simply noticed a troubling drop in answered calls—you won’t want to miss this webinar. Register now!

Busy July 11? No worries! Register anyway and we’ll forward the video.

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