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The Problem with Spam

Efforts to protect consumers from illegal robocalls led to the introduction of call blocking and labeling technologies, which have negatively affected legal business communications.

This led to declines in contact rates, customer experience, and revenue for businesses mislabeled as Potential Spam, Scam Likely, or Fraud, or even being blocked altogether and causing a lack of customer trust and damage to brand reputation.  

Luckily, we've come up with an identity management solution to protect and enhance your calls.

State of the Industry

Businesses lack the control they need to accurately present their brand identity

Brands are often unaware that they're being improperly labeled or blocked

Real screenshot of a Potential Spam labeled call received on the Verizon network to an Apple iOS 15 device
We helped define this problem,
now we're helping you solve it
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Take control of your calling identity

Entity Identity Management™

We're giving you the control and visibility to monitor the reputation of your phone numbers and calling campaigns as one of the only solutions that remediates spam labels to accurately display your identity and finally get through to your customers and subscribers.

We provide a single, secure path from origination to termination, protecting your calls from improper blocking and labeling events while satisfying the identity verification requirements of STIR/SHAKEN, all in one place in our intuitively designed and self-service portal.

Now you're ready to take back control of your calling identity.

Identity Management Solutions
Who we work with

All the top wireless carriers

Major analytics companies

Call delivery apps & app developers

Identity vetting & authentication authorities

Giving you control
of your calling identity
Identity Verification
Phone Number Registration
Labeling Remediation & Prevention
Reputation Monitoring
Branded Calling

Numeracle's Smart BrandingTM Solution

Branded Calling Innovation

Once you've taken care of your identity verification and have the reputation of your numbers protected, you can then add another level of identity-enhancing technology through Numeracle's Smart BrandingTM Solution.

Through our branded calling partner ecosystem, we can extend branded rich call data (RCD) elements like a brand name and logo to enhance the customer experience and boost trust in your calls when they can see who is calling and why.

Our intelligent Smart Branding solution gives you the control to build and manage multiple sophisticated branded campaigns you'd like to enable and continuously adapt to your needs.

Smart Branding Solution
Streamlined in our portal

Intuitive interface that lets you skip the paperwork mess of working directly with each provider

Choose which numbers, branded assets, and campaigns are delivered through some or all networks we provide

Real screenshot Smart Branded call with caller id name, logo, and call reason placed on the AT&T network to an Android Device

We don't just offer,
We deliver.


Innovation & Leadership

Customer Support

Success Rates

The Widest Reach

Competitive Pricing

Industry Pioneers


Innovation & Leadership

Customer Support

Success Rates

The Widest Reach

Competitive Pricing

Industry Pioneers

Whether you're an enterprise, BPO, or VoIP provider, we've got the right customizable solution to fit your needs.
Not only have we kept pace with the industry, but we're often the ones setting the standard to bring you the latest solutions and technologies.
Our Client Engagement Team works closely with you, and we're always working behind the scene because we're dedicated to keeping you protected.
We've registered and successfully remediated more phone numbers than anyone else, with the highest retention rate amongst our longstanding customer base.
We have relationships with all the top wireless carriers and analytics companies, and partner networks to always keep your calls protected.
We offer the most comprehensive solution and protection for the best value, no matter how large or small your business is.
We were the first to define this problem, so we set out to solve it, making us the foremost industry experts.

Setting the Standards

Our leadership introduced the unintended problem of legal calls being labeled and blocked at the regulatory level, bringing it to the attention of major carriers and policymakers.

We helped define this problem so we helped solve it, making us the first to market and the leading experts on the subject.


Chair of the Enterprise Communications Advocacy Coalition

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ATIS IP-NNI Task Force: Co-authors of the SHAKEN standards

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Our solution streamlines how you manage your calling identity in an intuitively designed platform that provides visibility, control, and management of the phone numbers you use.

Once your calling identity has been vetted and onboarded, we help you understand the ongoing reputation of your numbers and make it easy to add on branded calling to your campaigns.

single or multiple entities

Protecting Identity

Numeracle maintains a close partnership with industry experts, YouMail Protective Services, to ensure that your numbers and brand name are not being illegally used without your knowledge or consent to scam consumers.

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Learn More

Co-authored thought leadership

Whitepaper: Protecting Communications from Identity Spoofing

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Article: Spoof Protection with the Help from YouMail

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Proactive & Prepared

We saw it coming and we've been prepared for STIR/SHAKEN call authentication all along.

We are the only provider with a compliance-based Know Your Customer (KYC) vetting process that allows legal callers to voluntarily disclose their calling identity in fulfillment of Robocall Mitigation processes for voice service and gateway providers.

Due Diligence

Elevate Attestation Levels with our KYC process

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