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Branded Call by Hiya Connect
Hiya Connect Branded Call Solution
  • Be instantly recognized with your company name and location displayed on your calls
  • Elevate your brand by featuring your company logo
  • Get personal and include an informative reason for your call
Plug into the largest distribution and reach in the industry
  • Influence your call outcomes with more than 200 million mobile users through Samsung and the Hiya App
  • Reach Samsung mobile users across the globe in 40 different countries

Reach 200M+ Customers

Hiya Connect Reach
With & Without Hiya Connect phone mockups

The Hiya Experience

Across the Board, Hiya Customers Experience:
  • Improved answer rates
  • Higher sales conversions
  • Faster service
  • Better customer retention rates
  • Increased quality conversations
  • Optimized call strategy
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