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what we do
Entity Identity Management™ to protect your brand across omnichannel communications
Why we are here

Industry Need

Industry and regulatory efforts to protect consumers from unwanted and illegal robocalls have resulted in the introduction of call blocking and labeling technologies. This has resulted in the significant decline of contact rates, customer experience, and revenue for legal businesses improperly classified as 'Scam,' 'Spam,' or 'Fraud' calls.

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how we do it

The Path to Trust

By working together with the top wireless carriers, analytics companies, device manufacturers, and app developers, we provide a single path to identify your organization as a legal call originator and protect the phone numbers you use across all major stakeholders who have an affect on the way your calls are presented to consumers.

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VISIBILITY & CONTROL for legal callers
Entity Identity Management Platform

Verified Identity™

Establish your status as a Verified Identity™ by completing this compliance-based KYC (Know Your Customer) process to vet and verify the authorized use of your brand for the purpose of legitimate customer communications today and in preparation for STIR/SHAKEN call authentication.

Number Management

Register the phone numbers you use to engage with clients, patients, members, prospects, and more, with service providers, analytics companies, and call blocking and labeling apps to prevent improper blocking and labeling of your calls and to validate your ownership of the local or toll-free numbers.

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Why Your “Calling Identity” MattersWhy Your “Calling Identity” Matters
August 13, 2020

We all know what “Caller ID” is, but when you take a step back to consider the “identity” behind the “identification” things get more interesting.

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