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Recognizing Excellence While Bravely Pioneering the Unknown

Numeracle’s Q4 all-hands meeting discussed charting new territory with confidence, accountability, and excellence, drawing attention to two very special team members who inspire and lead by example
Written by
Molly Weis, VP of Marketing & Communications
Sarah Blantz, Marketing Coordinator
Published on
October 24, 2023

In the world of telecom, there are countless unexplored areas that challenge us to venture beyond the familiar, to pioneer the unknown. These untapped territories, ripe with potential, beckon us to innovate, disrupt the status quo, and redefine the boundaries of what is possible in this industry.

Embracing this spirit of pioneering excellence, Numeracle set forth on a journey of discovery on the day of our founding, January 1, 2018. Over five years later, we reflect on how far we have come, and how much further into the infinitely expanding universe of possibilities we will continue to go.  

On Monday, October 23, 2023, we held an all-team meeting -- a day teeming with collaborative break-out sessions and fierce conversations to explore what drives each of us to push for excellence in our own roles to ensure the greatest success of the overall mission.

Taking inspiration from the Netflix documentary, “Unknown: Cosmic Time Machine,” which follows an ambitious team of scientists and engineers on their mission to launch and deploy the famous James Webb Telescope, our sessions examined how the collective effort of their team, innovations, and unyielding pursuit of the unknown mirror our endeavors in telecommunications.

Numeracle Star Performers: A Spotlight on Excellence

On this arduous journey, we look to two of our esteemed colleagues, who inspire us daily in their pursuit of excellence, accountability, trust, and ownership, Mary Gonzalez, Numeracle’s Brand & Content Manager, and Sarah Delphey, Vice President of Trust Solutions. As the first-ever recipients of the Numeracle Excellence Award, Mary and Sarah have set an exceptional standard for commitment and passion in their respective roles.

“'The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential, these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.’ - Confucius According to Confucius, excellence in anything achieved will be tied to an individual's personal excellence. We firmly believe in this ethos and want each Numeracle employee to experience that. Mary and Sarah have shown us what it takes for individual excellence through their personal contributions to this entire team and our mission. In recognition of their exceptional commitment, we are proud to award them Numeracle's inaugural Excellence Award. This award is not just an acknowledgment but a celebration of their extraordinary achievements; it serves as a testament to the power of individual determination in unlocking the door to personal excellence."

- Rebekah Johnson, Founder & CEO, Numeracle

The ripple effect of Mary and Sarah’s dedication to excellence inspires change, drives progress, and leaves an indelible mark on us all. These words describing Mary and Sarah, shared with us by members of the Numeracle team, illustrate the significant impact that they have on this entire organization:

Mary Gonzalez, Brand & Content Manager

“Mary spends her days producing marketing content to promote Numeracle’s brand and solutions to the industry. She embodies the ‘pioneer’ mindset that Numeracle was founded on, fearlessly diving into projects, ready and willing to work outside of her comfort zone to put the advancement of the company first. Pioneering the Numeracle brand itself was one of Mary’s very first projects upon joining Numeracle; giving the company a voice, tone, and look of approachability, credibility, and expertise.”

“Creative thinking and problem-solving are Mary at her best. She approaches each project with a 360-degree view, ensuring that all bases are covered, and contingencies are in her sight. She anticipates where questions will arise, and proactively proposes solutions. Instead of saying, ‘I don’t know where to start,’ she says, ‘Here is how I can help.’”

“Mary both carries greatness within her and inspires greatness in those around her. She effortlessly fosters a work environment that is productive, inclusive, and inspiring. Confidence, independence, initiative, and pride in quality work are virtues Mary possesses innately and shares with open arms. This extends far beyond her contributions to marketing alone.”  

“One of Numeracle’s future dreams is to build our own AI (Artificial Intelligence). Using internal design elements, resources, and assets, we could build a sales presentation tailored specifically to the customer. For example. Microsoft named their assistant ‘Clippy’... Numeracle’s will be named ‘Mary.’  

“The duality between the Numeracle brand and the ‘brand of Mary’ is easy to see: integrity, accountability, and trust. Numeracle is proud you have chosen us as your vessel; your contributions better each of us at Numeracle, and each of our customers every day. “  

Sarah Delphey, VP of Trust Solutions

“Numeracle provides a lot of “firsts” in the industry, not the least of which is centralizing trust. And no one has stepped into that role better than Sarah. As she weaves together sales, marketing, client engagement, and product, she creates a trust framework upon which our platform relies.”  

“Not only is she strengthening and raising the bar of our internal policies, but Sarah has also become an industry-recognized subject matter expert in the field of trust solutions and Know Your Customer (KYC). And as it turns out, she has been operating at that level for a while – she just needed the platform. With a background in compliance and policy, she is a voice of integrity and assurance in a field where a major portion is the exact opposite.”

“This year, Sarah delivered the first-ever KYC policy to the industry, and it is now considered the gold standard. After the policy was issued, Sarah went on a “speaking tour” as the result of multiple inbound requests to share her expertise and voice across industry events, news outlets, and podcasts – showing to the world that Numeracle, and Sarah in particular, are the experts on every aspect of KYC.”  

“To the outside world, Sarah is a respected, international expert on identity and trust. To Numeracle, she is an embodiment of our mission and vision to return trust to communications, leading us every day by example to continue to pioneer, raise our bar, and strive for the highest levels of integrity with everything we do.”

Beyond the Horizon: Numeracle’s Continued Commitment to Excellence

As we reflect on our recent Q4 all-hands meeting, it is impossible not to feel a profound sense of excitement and purpose. The realization that we are more than just employees at a telecommunications technology company; we are pioneers charting unfamiliar territory, guided by our shared mission. Our journey is not just about navigating the unknown, but about creating a path for others to follow. Every step we take brings us closer to returning trust and transparency to this ecosystem.

The future may be uncertain, but it is not something to fear. It is a challenge to embrace, a chance to innovate, to improve, to redefine what is possible. And when we approach these challenges with confidence, accountability, and excellence, there is no limit to what we can achieve.  

To learn more about Numeracle’s mission to restore trust in customer communications and the solutions we offer, you can visit our website, or reach out to us directly.

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