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T-Mobile Releases Free Caller ID Name Display to Subscribers

Numeracle Verified Identities can extend Calling Party Name across the T-Mobile ecosystem through our branded calling solution!

T-Mobile Releases Free Caller ID Name Display to Subscribers
July 24, 2020
Written By
Molly Weis, VP Marketing & Communications

We'll keep this one short and sweet with some quick breaking news for Numeracle Verified Enterprises. Based on enhancements to T-Mobile's ScamShield product offering, the Calling Party Names you register through us can now be displayed through the T-Mobile Network starting 7/24/20 (see announcement here) when you implement the branded calling solution!

We applaud T-Mobile’s move to extend Verified names to the consumer, a step that would not be achieved without T-Mobile and Numeracle partner, First Orion.

With this update, T-Mobile has become the first of the big four carriers to pass Caller ID Names out to subscribers at no additional charge. We've updated our full matrix of caller ID and call labeling functionality for your viewing pleasure here: Numeracle Cross-Carrier Call Display Matrix.

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