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Are Scam and Spam Labels Impacting Your Call Delivery?

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Removing Scam and Spam Labels' Impact to Call Delivery

Remediation: A Case Study

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The phone rings, and your called party has a few seconds to decide whether to answer...
About this study
Nothing else matters if they don't answer.

Our analysis of phone numbers across multiple industries identified an average of 25% of a business's numbers are at risk for improper call labeling like Spam, Scam, or Fraud, resulting in lost business, productivity, and customer satisfaction equal to millions in financial loss.

The appearance of these labels drastically diminishes the likelihood of a live-pick-up, and call blocking at the network-level further reduces that likelihood down to 0%.

If negative labels appear on your numbers, the only way to fix it is through a validated remediation process to correct the number's reputation across the wireless carrier ecosystem, with the result being the removal of the label.

Businesses Included

Brands calling consumers on cell phones, either via in-house contact centers or through a 3rd party calling on behalf of the brand


Analyze monthly and yearly status reports on phone numbers registered across the wireless ecosystem via our Entity Identity ManagementTM Platform and the number of successful remediations conducted for the 2021 and 2022 years for comparison to contact rates before and after improving number reputation with our remediation services.

KPI's Measured

  • Yearly remediation rates & growth of need
  • % of remediations conducted relative to phone numbers registered
  • Success rate of labeling remediation
  • Average days-to-resolve labeling
  • Impact to contact rates

Successful remediations

Graph showing the difference between 2021 and 2022 Successful Remediation counts
Case Study KPI's reported:
- 97% success rate remediating labels
- 1.4 average days to resolve labels
- 61,100+ successful remediations
- 434,450+ phone numbers registered
- 450+ trusted businesses protected from labeling

Study Findings

Across 434,459 numbers vetted and registered to 450 businesses in 2022, a total of 61,111 numbers were identified as Spam, Scam, or Fraud that were successfully remediated at a 97% average success rate with 1.4 days to resolve the improper labels on average.

The 61,111 remediations completed in 2022 account for 69% of Numeracle's all-time remediation total of 88,453 negative labels removed over the past 4 years of the study.

Once negative labels were identified and remediated, most businesses recorded improvements to contact rates in the average range of 1 - 5%, with outliers experiencing upwards of 20 - 30% increases post-remediation, significantly impacting positive ROI.

Remediations in 2023

With successful remediations more than doubling in 2022, it’s clear the battle to correct labeling issues for legal business is still very much alive and an essential component of healthy outbound dialing.

No one business or business type is exempt from improper call labeling events, and we project these remediation numbers to double in 2023 based on our current trends.
Top half of a Scam//Fraud phone call screen

Remediation > Monitoring

As opposed to reputation monitoring-only solutions which give you access to the status of your phone numbers' labeling without a methodology to correct or remove the label across wireless carrier networks, Numeracle offers the only end-to-end identity management solution that provides you with the control and consistency you need to define how your calls are displayed across the wireless calling ecosystem with complete visibility into remediation status and history of numbers previously negatively labeled.
Top half of a Trusted Phone Call Screen
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