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2023 OpenSIPS Summit

Numeracle's VP of Engineering - Voice, Brett Nemeroff, will be presenting at the 2023 OpenSIPS Summit.

May 23, 2023
Houston, TX
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Event Details
OpenSIPS Summit
Houston, TX
Start Date
May 23, 2023

Join us for a thought-provoking session with VoIP expert and Numeracle's VP of Engineering - Voice, Brett Nemeroff, as he shares his over 20 years of experience in the telecom space. Brett will challenge the common belief that STIR/SHAKEN technology solves the problem of number spoofing, and instead propose a new perspective on the future of phone calls.

In "The Dark Side of Caller ID," you will learn how caller ID has evolved over the past decades, and why it no longer provides meaningful information about the source of a call. You will also discover the real reason why we care about unsolicited calls and how we can protect our privacy and security in the digital age.

Don't miss this opportunity to rethink the way we communicate and stay ahead of the curve!

OpenSIPS is a widely used Open Source SIP Server that has been backed by a robust community for over 16 years. The 9th edition of the OpenSIPS Summit will take place in Houston, featuring presentations on the latest developments in OpenSIPS and real-world experiences from top companies in UCaaS and RTC. The conference provides a great opportunity for attendees to share knowledge and build bridges in the Open-Source VoIP & RTC ecosystem. Attendees include technical and non-technical decision makers from small, medium and large enterprises worldwide.


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