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Going the Distance – How Telecom Champs are Plotting the Course for a Fraudster TKO

Numeracle Founder & CEO, Rebekah Johnson speaks at the 2022 Somos Summit to discuss what the industry is doing to prepare for the next bout against robocalls.

September 28, 2022
Hilton Denver City Center Hotel, Denver, CO
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Hilton Denver City Center Hotel, Denver, CO
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September 28, 2022

While the implementation of STIR/SHAKEN scored a major KO for consumers, carriers and enterprises alike, it was only the first of many rounds in the match-up of the century – Industry Fraud Fighters vs. Spoofers and Scammers. As the fight moves forward however, and the action continues to unfold, what is the industry doing to prepare for the next bout against its robocaller opponents? Join Justen Davis, Senior Director, Industry Relations & Public Policy at Somos, and a panel of industry thought leaders for a blow-by-blow account of what’s next for authentication enablement as well as what you can expect to see in fraud mitigation parts two, three, four and beyond. From how STIR/SHAKEN impacts U.S. telecom providers to what’s driving trust on a more global scale, this session is certain to pack a major one-two-punch against fraud!

Moderator: Justen Davis, Somos
Rebekah Johnson, Founder & CEO of Numeracle
Doug Ranalli, Founder &CEO of Gated Networks, Inc.
Chris Wendt, Systems Engineer at Somos

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