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STIR/SHAKEN for Call Center Managers Webinar with NobelBiz

We joined NobelBiz for a webinar on STIR/SHAKEN for Call Centers Webinar: Everything You Need to Know as a Call Center Manager

April 7, 2021
STIR/SHAKEN for Call Center Managers Webinar with NobelBiz

Long-time advocate for the delivery of wanted, critical, and legitimate calls, and active member of the ATIS IP-NNI Task Force (co-author of the SHAKEN standard), Rebekah joins this webinar ready to share her expertise on what call centers need to do to prepare for STIR/SHAKEN. Separating fact from fiction, this session will raise awareness around requirements, progress, expectations, and more.

From NobelBiz

At this point, we can hardly imagine there is a single person in the call center industry that has not heard about STIR/SHAKEN.

However, the technical intricacies and legal consequences of how STIR/SHAKEN is supposed to work have rapidly covered the subject in a thick layer of FUD. But time waits for no one, and come June 30th 2021, STIR/SHAKEN will be enforced on a national level.

This is why the general focus of this webinar will be to clear some of the confusion around STIR/SHAKEN, from a call center perspective. In particular, the objective of the webinar will be to answer two generic questions:

  1. How will STIR/SHAKEN affect call centers and other call originating businesses?
  2. How can call centers prepare for STIR/SHAKEN?

Few are those that really understand how STIR/SHAKEN works and are able to offer sound advice on how to best prepare for this. And Rebekah Johnson is definitely one of those few.

To watch this event, simply sign up for access to the webinar via the NobelBiz  link and enjoy!

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