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Numeracle Adds NEW Master Class to Series

August 1, 2023 12:00 PM

McLean, VA., August 1, 2023 – Numeracle™ Inc. ("Numeracle" or the "Company"), the pioneer of Verified Identity™ and Entity Identity Management™ for communications, has announced the release of its newest Master Class, entitled "The Dark Side of Caller ID," featuring Brett Nemeroff, Numeracle's VP of Engineering - Voice. 

With over 20 years of experience in the telecom space, Brett Nemeroff is a renowned VoIP expert who dares to challenge the common belief that STIR/SHAKEN technology solves the problem of number spoofing. Instead, he proposes a new perspective on the future of phone calls, shedding light on how caller ID has evolved over the past decades and why it no longer provides meaningful information about the source of a call. In “The Dark Side of Caller ID," Nemeroff opens up a critical dialogue about the need for new solutions to safeguard our communication in an era of technological uncertainty and guides us in understanding how to defend our privacy and security amidst continuous changes and challenges.

The Master Class Series entitled "Removing the Boundaries to Better Connectivity with Identity" was initially launched at the 2023 Call & Contact Center Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. Numeracle is committed to continuing the Masterclass series in its ongoing mission to bring truth and transparency to the telecom space. The growing library now consists of five Masterclasses:

  • SPAM: An American Meat Icon or the Way Your Calls are Being Delivered Right Now
  • How to Define, Implement, and Measure ROI of Branded Communications
  • Best Practices for Dialing Strategies, Contact Strategy, and Campaign Success
  • Identity: The Key to Owning Brand Reputation and Caller Identity
  • The Dark Side of Caller ID

“Caller ID is one of the most misunderstood technologies in the telecom space,” said Anis Jaffer, Chief Product Officer, Numeracle. “It’s becoming even more misunderstood as the amount of unvetted and inaccurate information continues to confuse fact from fiction. Committed to providing our industry colleagues, customers, partners, and telecom professionals with the most accurate information and assessments since day one, Brett’s Master Class on “The Dark Side of Caller ID” is yet another example of how Numeracle leads with expertise and perspective to progress the industry forward by providing truth and transparency.”

All Master Classes, including "The Dark Side of Caller ID" with Brett Nemeroff, are now available at, free for online streaming on-demand. Each Master Class spans approximately 30 minutes, with additional sessions on omnichannel communications enablement, end-to-end call authentication and trust architecture deployment, and digital identity to be added.

About Numeracle
Numeracle's Entity Identity Management™ (EIM) platform enables service and platform providers to manage the identity of end entities and implement Know Your Customer (KYC) policies to outbound communications. KYC identity vetting and verification is the cornerstone of the platform; developed in support of evolving federal regulations and telecom standards. Leveraging entity identity, EIM is used to associate Verified Identity™ to outbound communications, manage branded presentation across the wireless network, deliver blocking and labeling prevention and remediation, visibility to number reputation, and more, to support service and platform provider requirements to empower wanted communications while monitoring for and blocking the illegal. For more information, visit

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