Verified Caller Identity
As a service provider, remain in compliance with STIR/SHAKEN by vetting and validating the authenticity of originating
traffic on your network
enterprise call authentication

Vetting, Verifying, and Delivering

Service providers have the responsibility to vet and validate the authenticity of the callers originating traffic on their networks, and attest to the authorized usage of the phone numbers to be displayed.

Now that the June 30th deadline has passed, the industry is now in the execution phase of STIR/SHAKEN deployment and Robocall Mitigation Plan fulfillment.
If you are a service provider who is currently signing enterprise calls with B or C-Level looking for a solution to elevate these calls to A-Level, a KYC process has to be implemented to authenticate each intermediary along the call chain down to the calling party brand in order to fulfill the due diligence requirements as set forth by the FCC.

Implementation of a KYC-based local policy solution, such as the Aegis Mobile + Numeracle solution, supports service and platform provider’s ability to assess the level of attestation achievable based on the availability of information to vet and verify down to the enterprise or calling party brand, with confidence.
Step 1
Verified Identity™
The process begins with Numeracle's Verified Identity™ entity vetting and verification process. This is a compliance-based due diligence solution to validate call intent, and consent-based competence in compliant calling.

This is the first step in voluntarily disclosing to the network that you are not a bad actor.
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Step 2
Entity Identity Management™
Next, Numeracle validates the relationship between your Verified Identity and your authorized phone numbers via our Entity Identity Management platform.

We then confirm your relationship to any vendor partners (BPOs, technology platform providers, etc.) and add rich call data (RCD) for branded call identification.
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Verifying your identity and the association to the numbers you use
Step 3
SHAKEN Certificate Management
With your Verified Identity successfully associated with your phone numbers and RCD (rich call data), Numeracle then passes this information to your originating service provider or other authority for call signing, such as NetNumber’s Guaranteed Caller Enterprise STIR/SHAKEN Solution.
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STIR/SHAKEN certification is passed to the originating service provider
Step 4
Enterprise Call Signing
To complete the process, the call is assigned a level of attestation relational to the level of validation completed. The call is passed to the terminating service provider.

The result is a call delivered as STIR/SHAKEN authenticated, displayed with a verified caller display and optional RCD information available.
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STIR/SHAKEN verified call
delivering an authenticated presence

Benefits of Verified Caller Identity

Verified Display

Calls meet the STIR/SHAKEN criteria to be delivered as verified calls with optional RCD (rich call data) info to show branded information such as calling party name and company logo.

stand apart

Legitimate enterprises will stand out from the bad actors traversing the network by meeting the KYC 'know your customer' requirements outlined within the TRACED Act.

'Easy button'

Utilizing Numeracle and Aegis Mobile's local policy vetting and validation solution provides a streamlined, compliance-based pathway for enterprise callers to participate in the STIR/SHAKEN trust network.
STIR/SHAKEN, here we come
Ready to start the process of ensuring your legitimate business calls meet the requirements to achieve the 'Verified' call display via STIR/SHAKEN?
Aegis has been a trusted channel "verification" partner for wireless carriers, aggregators, and enterprise businesses, providing vetting and compliance services that ensure the safe and beneficial growth of the digital content market for mobile consumers.
To fulfill the rigorous requirements of the service provider to verify the source of traffic delivered across the public switched telephone network, Aegis’s extensive identity verification and authentication services have been integrated into Numeracle’s Verified Identity solution to create a dually authenticated risk assessment tool.  

Download our joint Guide on "Implementing KYC on your Network or Communications Platform"
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Numeracle’s Entity Identity Management™ platform enables service and technology platform providers, BPO organizations, and contact centers to manage brand identity and phone number usage on behalf of enterprise clients for business communications. This KYC-based platform supports service providers’ ability to implement local policies to attest to the legitimacy of phone number usage per the SHAKEN Standard. In alignment with the FCC’s continued focus on combatting illegally spoofed calls, this solution enables communications providers to verify a business’s identity and legal operational status.
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