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Empower and Protect Calls with an Entity Identity Management Solution

The Only Reputation Management with On-Demand Number Check
Written by
Mary Gonzalez, Brand & Content Manager
Published on
June 21, 2023

Our interconnected lives still rely heavily on the voice channel as a vital foundation for empowering communications and fostering the success of businesses. Nevertheless, the industry has also encountered an alarming increase in deceptive call practices. Illegal robocalls and bad actors manipulating caller identification are just a few examples of how weaknesses in security are exploited, eroding the trust we place in phone calls and defrauding unsuspecting consumers.

The increasing threat of fraud and the need to re-establish trust in communications are encouraging businesses to recognize the importance of protecting and actively managing their calling identity to prevent, identify, and stop improper spam labels from affecting their calls while simultaneously reinforcing the necessary trust that they need consumers to have in their brand. 

The “Big Bang” of Call Blocking & Labeling

Back in 2016, the FCC took swift action to implement call-blocking and labeling solutions to warn and protect consumers, but it created a new issue for enterprise callers who were getting caught up in the algorithms and mislabeled as spam or scam. When the carriers were mandated to implement analytics engines to score and label calls with warning tags like “Scam Likely,” or “Potential Spam,” many callers and businesses began suffering the unintended consequences. 

They began to experience lower and lower contact rates month over month, fewer callbacks, more straight-to-voicemail calls, and, eventually, lower conversion rates that significantly impacted businesses. Aside from dialing KPIs, there was a new sense of doubt and uncertainty in the voice channel, in addition to the wariness caused by illicit callers. Customers became unreachable, important appointments, deliveries, and pick-ups were getting missed, and there was an overall frustration with the lack of awareness of these new spam tags, let alone how to fix them. In many cases, most are unaware of how bad their spam labeling problem even is. 

Where to Start: Entity Identity Management

Numeracle saw this problem coming, not only for enterprises but for service providers and contact centers who call on behalf of legal businesses. This is why we pioneered our Entity Identity ManagementTM Platform

By working with the top wireless carriers and analytics engines, we provide a self-service management solution that protects caller identity to better preserve the healthy reputation of phone numbers and enhance call delivery. Whether you’re a single enterprise, representing multiple brands, a BPO, TN or CPaaS provider, verifying and managing your calling identity will always be the gateway that protects and empowers your communications. 

Choosing not to prioritize your identity will put your business (or your client’s business) at risk for more frequently blocked and mislabeled calls and make it harder to advocate for removing those labels on those phone numbers. Through our aggregated platform, onboarded clients are given a single path to protect and actively manage their identity with a total view of how their calls are being classified across the major wireless carriers. 

Our compliance-based Know Your Customer (KYC) process vets and validates your identity, and the identity of the entities and callers you represent, allowing you access to protect and influence the reputation of your outbound phone numbers. By registering your numbers (and your brands’ or customers’ numbers), you can not only monitor and manage them as you see fit, but you can ensure that you and you alone are registering those numbers to your brand name in order to keep them protected from labels and mitigate any that may still get caught in call labeling algorithms. 

Empowering Your Calls: Remediation and On-Demand Number Check 

Our valued partner relationships allow Numeracle to be a springboard that you can leverage to advocate on behalf of your numbers and calls. Once we’ve verified your identity and registered your phone numbers to that identity, you’ll have a complete view of how your calls are being protected and quickly identify and correct problematic numbers being mislabeled. When a label gets attached to one of your numbers, it takes a lot to remove it on your own, which is why we pioneered a remediation path to correct those labels at the carrier level on your behalf. This process is completed 100% by our team, with no customer interaction required from you. 

Protecting phone numbers for over 450 legal entities for over 5 years, we’ve processed and successfully remediated growing numbers of improper spam labeling events. As the algorithms keep evolving, we fully recognize the need to continue to fight the good fight on behalf of legal callers. 

The latest enhancement to our core Number Reputation Solution, Number Check,  provides a full 360 view and spot-check of how your calls are landing on consumer devices with on-demand data using real call screenshots. Number Check delivers additional proactive measures to ensure accurate identity presentation across all the major wireless carriers in between our regular dashboard updates and Number Health Check reporting cycles. 

Number Check provides visual confirmation for any phone numbers registered in our platform by making actual phone calls to capture call delivery data on-demand, with remediation capabilities, should any spam labels get flagged right at your fingertips when you need it most. 

With the ability to control at which time and on which carrier network(s) the Number Check ‘spot-checking’ calls are placed, you’re given ultimate visibility into your identity’s display at a specific point in time, managed directly via our self-service platform by you.

Get Started Today 

Unlike most number reputation solutions that only allow you to monitor the status of your phone numbers, our Number Reputation solution is designed to alleviate the burden of manual monitoring and checking all day long. Trust Numeracle’s Number Check to add another layer of trust to the identity confirmation process, enabling you to maintain accurate labeling effortlessly. Experience a new level of efficiency and peace of mind with Numeracle as your partner in identity management. 

Whether you’re already a current customer looking to add on Number Check or you’re new here and looking to leverage a number reputation solution, reach out to us and get set up with one of our experts who are available to offer personalized recommendations and start protecting your calling identity.

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