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Numeracle™ Extends Number Registration Across the Network With NumeraList™

July 12, 2018 8:00 AM

ARLINGTON, Va., July 12, 2018 -- Numeracle™ Inc., the pioneer of robocall blocking and labeling visibility in the new calling ecosystem, today announced the expansion of its NumeraList™ number registration services to include the addition of thousands of new numbers from verified, trusted and known entities spanning the communications, broadcasting and consumer services industries to be distributed on behalf of call originators across the network.

NumeraList, the industry's first ecosystem-wide registration service, allows legal businesses to distribute the numbers they use to reach customers across the largest audience of analytics companies, carriers and the developers of call blocking and labeling apps across the network. This service, originally limited to Numeracle clients, is now open to the entire industry, creating a vehicle for call originators to verify their status as a trusted provider of legal business calls and communicate to the network how they would like their calls to be labeled.

For businesses utilizing the voice channel as an essential method of communication with customers, the steady increase in both the frequency and tenacity of illegal robocall scams has caused a continuous decline in customer engagement and company reputation in addition to lost revenue. Numeracle reports the average drop in call contact rates ranges from 10-15 percent and up to 90 percent in extreme cases, but across both ends of this spectrum, it is the lack of visibility and control into how to correct this issue that has inspired the call to action to which Numeracle has responded.

"We have heard the call for an industry-wide solution to return viability and trust to the voice channel," said Rebekah Johnson, founder and CEO, Numeracle. "Through the support and feedback of our partners and clients, we have built the NumeraList platform together as a channel for legal businesses to take the first step in correcting the negative consequences of incorrect call blocking and labeling and to begin the process of returning trust and connectivity to their customers."

Prior to distributing any entity's registration information to stakeholders across the network, Numeracle validates all organizations for legal identity and call compliance to ensure bad actors are blocked from engaging in fraudulent activity on the network. This additional verification step provides an important level of trust for all parties contributing to and analyzing the data collected as part of these efforts.

Numeracle's full platform of registration, discovery, certification, ongoing monitoring and analysis, and problem remediation solutions empower legal businesses across the healthcare, utility, financial, retail and services industries and comprise the industry's only end-to-end solution developed to connect all parties across the complex ecosystem together with a common goal.

To start the process of registering numbers for improved call delivery or to gain visibility into how numbers have been affected by the new calling ecosystem, please visit to get in touch.

About Numeracle
Numeracle's Entity Identity Management™ (EIM) platform enables service and platform providers to manage the identity of end entities and implement Know Your Customer (KYC) policies to outbound communications. KYC identity vetting and verification is the cornerstone of the platform; developed in support of evolving federal regulations and telecom standards. Leveraging entity identity, EIM is used to associate Verified Identity™ to outbound communications, manage branded presentation across the wireless network, deliver blocking and labeling prevention and remediation, visibility to number reputation, and more, to support service and platform provider requirements to empower wanted communications while monitoring for and blocking the illegal. For more information, visit

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