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Numeracle Releases Case Study on Removing Scam and Spam Labels’ Impact to Call Delivery

Confirms the ongoing need and effectiveness of remediation to solve call blocking and labeling issues across the network

January 26, 2023 10:25 AM

McLean, Va., January 26, 2022 – Numeracle™ Inc. (“Numeracle”), the pioneer of Verified Identity™ for communications, today announced its release of the “Removing Scam and Spam Labels’ Impact to Call Delivery” Case Study. The study provides data-driven insights into the impact negative call labels such as Spam, Scam, and Fraud have on phone numbers and how correcting those labels can have a positive ROI for businesses conducting outbound calling campaigns. 

Negative call reputation associated with phone numbers has impacted businesses’ ability to connect with consumers since the onset of call blocking and labeling technologies. To measure this impact, the case study analyzes monthly and yearly status reports of phone numbers registered and the number of successful negative label corrections, also known as remediations, conducted in 2021 and 2022 by the Numeracle solution for comparison to contact rates before and after improving number reputation with its remediation services. 

“There isn’t a single business or business type that is exempt from improper call labeling events, and we project remediation numbers to double in 2023 based on our current reports,” said Joe Galvin, VP of Client Engagement, Numeracle. “Remediation boosts customer confidence to answer your calls because it removes the barrier that prevents your calls from being delivered and presents a trusted phone number.”

To access the case study, visit www.numeracle.com/remediation-case-study. More statistics on Numeracle’s latest number remediation milestone can be found in its 2022 Number Remediation Recap Report. To get started with phone number remediation as part of an end-to-end contact strategy, contact us today.

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Numeracle's Entity Identity Management™ (EIM) and Verified Identity™ platform empower the delivery of legal, wanted communications. By working with technology providers, carriers, device manufacturers, analytics companies, and others, we provide visibility, control, and management across the major stakeholders influencing communications delivery to give businesses control over their brand's identity. Core competencies include prevention and management of improper blocking and labeling, KYC-based entity verification and credentialing for STIR/SHAKEN, and branded communications through rich call data (RCD). To learn more, visit www.numeracle.com.

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