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Numeracle One-Page Company Overview
About the Numeracle Solution

Introduction to who we are, our solutions, our advocacy within the industry, our partners, and our mission to return trust to customer communications.

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Numeracle One-Page Company Overview
Solution OverView
Value Summary

Learn more about why our customers choose us, the full reach of our solution, our advocacy and leadership, and the future of our innovation.

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Number Reputation Management

This solution overview showcases Numeracle's ability to give the control to prevent, monitor, protect, and correct negative spam and scam labels from harming your phone calls.

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On-Demand Number Check

Seeing is believing. Our latest enhancement provides you with on-demand visual confirmation of the presentation of your identity, including real screenshots of live calls across all the top wireless carriers.

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Thumbnail image: Solution Overview - Resource Handout: Smart Branding Solution by Numeracle
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Branded Calling Solution

This overview highlights the benefits and reach of implementing a branded calling solution and the ability to manage any branded calling campaigns from one platform.

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Thumbnail image for Solution Overview - Resource Handout: Certification and Registration for trust in your calling identity
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Certification and Registration

Overview of our Verified Identity certification, phone number registration, and ongoing monitoring & tracking of  number labeling data via the our online portal.

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Branded Calling Solutions Across Wireless Platforms & Providers Matrix thumbnail
Solution Reach
Branded Calling Solutions Across Wireless Platforms & Providers

This matrix reflects branded calling capabilities made possible through RCD technologies, displayed on wireless devices. This matrix does not reflect caller name presentation to wired/landline devices.

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Thumbnail image: Resource Handout: Caller ID versus CNAM versus Rich Call Data (RCD) for presenting identity in a call display
CAller id vs. cnam vs. rcd
Presenting Identity via the Voice Channel

Understanding the differences, limitations, and uses of Caller ID, CNAM, and Rich Call Data (RCD) for Branded Calling.

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Thumbnail Resource Handout: Call and Brand Spoofing with YouMail
Spoof Protection
Protecting Communications from Identity Spoofing

Numeracle vets and validates your calling identity to authenticate the relationship between brand and phone number usage. Then, we partner with YouMail Protective Services to provide Know Your Traffic and Brand Defense and Monitoring Solutions.

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FTC Due Diligence Expectations Numeracle document
Identity Due Diligence
FTC Due Diligence Expectations

Numeracle vets and validates your calling identity to authenticate the relationship between brand and phone number usage. Then, we partner with YouMail Protective Services to provide Know Your Traffic and Brand Defense and Monitoring Solutions.

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Call Display across wireless carriers (Branded Calling matrix)
Solution Reach
Call Blocking, Labeling & Caller ID Across Wireless Carriers

This matrix compares automatic call blocking, the differences in call labeling categories and display, caller ID name presentation, and more, across the top 4 wireless carriers.

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STIR/SHAKEN FAQ Guide Title Page
faq guide
Numeracle's STIR/SHAKEN FAQ Guide

Everything from where it came from, what attestation is, what verified calls look like on phone screens, and where to find more resources. This is your ultimate STIR/SHAKEN FAQ Guide.

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SIPNOC 2022 Handout Cover Page
Branded Calling
Consumer & Enterprise Trust in Branded Calling...Are We There Yet?

Presented at SIPNOC 2022, this handout includes the webinar highlights and talking points on brand identity, security gaps, and the expectations of branded calling and why the consumer, enterprise, and service provider must come together to enable trust.

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Joint Standard
STIR/SHAKEN Delegate Certificates are broken

Signature-based Handling of Asserted information using toKENs (SHAKEN): Delegate Certificates

Presented by ATIS and the SIP Forum

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